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About Us

Based in South Florida, We Talk Music & Sports focuses on the repercussions of violent behavior, whether inflicted physically or online. We teach kids to stop the violence through music and sports activities. Our founder and executive director, Patricia Young, was bullied as a child and never forgot the fear and hurt she felt. Like her, many kids suffer in silence and do not know how to deal with these types of situations. We talk about ways to be kind, defeat negative thoughts, and constructively feel angry or sad without causing harm. Children learn to positively express themselves and believe in their own dreams.

Patricia Young

Patricia Young

Bullied as a child and young adult Patricia never forgot the fear and isolation she felt. Now, she's Director of The We Talk Music & Sports Program. Also, The Executive Assistant to Mr. James "Mudcat" Grant, and Ulysses Young, Patricia uses her experience as a Flight Attendant, managing three Professional Touring Bands and Co-Producer of Musical CD's and a mother of four inspired this event that teaches Social Skills, Awareness of Emotions and the Consequences of your own actions. This program encourages students to have better Social Skills and a Stronger more informed Character.  We have merged music and sports activities to teach peace and unity and that everyone counts. We Talk Music is a youth violence prevention program that touches many students with "Hope."


Jim "Mudcat" Grant

Jim "Mudcat" Grant is best known for his career as a Professional Major League Baseball Pitcher that made history for being the First African American to win & save 20 games in a season. He helped The Minnesota Twins to the World Series giving him the distinction of being the First African American in the American league to win a World Series Game & Ring. He is also the author of "The Black Aces," A recording artist, husband, father & great, great grandfather. Mr. Mudcat Grant is a "Hall of Famer" and Motivational Speaker telling his story of overcoming prejudice and meeting three Presidents!!

Ulysses Young

Ulysses Young

Ulysses Young, is the founder and Trombonist for The Reggae Vibes Band, he is best known for his work with Mother BrainTree & The U.A.G. Band, providing recording and touring bands for Twin City Entertainment, He is now The Music Director for We Talk Music Programs and the Band for James "Mudcat" Grant. Ulysses Young has two C.D's and has toured the United States with his unique Carribean style of music. He provides educational music programs for Boys & Girls Clubes, Schools, and Youth Organizations with "We Talk Music & Sports" youth violence prevention programs. Through music, we encourage "Peace."


In Memory of (The "Sax Man") Maurice Reedus Jr - R.I.P.
He was a long time member of The Reggae Vibes Band and We Talk Music & Sports a youth violence prevention program. Our Hearts are broken that we lost a long time member of the band, friend, and family member of 30 years. We will carry on the work of this youth program that he was so passionate about. Join Us in making that dream come true. See more videos of The Reggae Vibes Band and The We Talk Music Program throughout the site.

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