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Programs, Concert Events & Speaking Engagements Available 7 Days a Week

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Programs, Concert Events &
Speaking Engagements Available 7 Days a Week

Lend a Helping Hand in Our Mission to Prevent Violence & Bullying

How You Can Help

Serving communities for 10 years, We Talk Music & Sports depends on the generosity of others to keep our nonviolent youth behavioral program going. Our bullying prevention organization is asking individuals and groups from all over the world to make a contribution in some form, because violence affects all of us wherever we live.

Ways to Help:
• Make a Donation
• Support the Newsletter
• Sponsor a Program
• Hire the Band
• Donate Office Equipment
• Support Our Fundraiser
• Attend a Book Signing Event
• Donate a Vehicle
• Donate Musical Equipment
• Attend a Speaking Engagement

Mr. James Grant

Inspirational Book & Speaking Engagements from a Baseball Legend

Written by Mr. James "Mudcat" Grant, The Black Aces provides insights on the obstacles and struggles of blacks in baseball, inspired by the creation of the Negro League and the integration of baseball. Mr. Grant, a native of Lacoochee, Florida, was the first African-American 20-game winner in the American League and the first African-American to win a World Series game. He is also available for speaking engagements. A portion of his book proceeds is donated to We Talk Music & Sports.

Accepting Donations

We are happy to accept financial donations through our easy online system. All donations are tax deductible and aid our nonprofit organization in covering operating costs and books and materials as handouts for students. Other expenses include musicians and motivational speakers. Your monetary contribution will also assist us in expanding our services to more youth organizations, schools, and churches.

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