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Programs, Concert Events & Speaking Engagements Available 7 Days a Week

We Talk Music & Sports

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Programs, Concert Events &
Speaking Engagements Available 7 Days a Week

Encouraging Self-Esteem, Self-Control,
& Responsibility for One's Own Actions

Interactive Programs Designed to Stomp Out Violence & Bullying

We Talk Music & Sports guides students in developing violence prevention skills and social skills to live by using lessons and activities, motivational speakers, and a musical concert about peace and unity. Our objective is to prepare youth for recognizing situations that could become violent. Children learn conflict strategies, the consequences of violent behavior — including how a violent act can steal their freedom — and the importance of self-control.

Social Skills Acronym:
Self-Image Improved
Only Giving Compliments
Completing Task
Ignoring Distractions
Anger Dealt With
Less Aggression
Seatwork & Homework Done
Keep Following Classroom Rules
Ignoring Teasing
Leave a Troublesome Situation
Learning to Accept Consequences
Staying Out of Fights

A Symbol of Hope for Peace Among Our Youth

We teach kids how to manage their emotions and show them that there is a way out when they feel hopeless. Our musical groups speak on their own personal experiences to inspire peace and unity. Additionally, celebrity sports players come out to meet the students, sign autographs, and lead a sports clinic. Children learn about being a team player and working together in a positive environment. We Talk Music & Sports offers school programs, after-school programs, and Boys & Girls Clubs events for 1 to 3 days. During sports activities, we may also host additional fundraisers.

Thoughtful Children

Anti-Bullying Program

Our nonprofit organization uses the universal languages of music and sports to unite students and address bullying. Through a concert performance, motivational speakers, and student participation in activities, this anti-bullying program teaches children how to control anger by changing their thoughts. We encourage forgiveness, respect, and a desire to learn and have more responsibility. Youth must understand the real consequences of deliberately harming another person and knowing the freedom and future it robs them of in the end. We educate young people to stop and think of the repercussions before lashing out in anger.

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